Stablecoins tied 1:1 to African currencies and Gold, Platinum, or other asset baskets

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Safe-haven Stablecoin currency to replace volatile and inflation prone Africa currencies

Stablecoins collateralized by liquid digital assets and physical Africa mineral assets

User-driven turnover

Users put all the Stablecoins in circulation by pledging their assets to create open-ended over-collateralized positions


Public ledger Cloud based transaction reporting so all transactions real time are public and the cloud public ledger can be used as a receipt or audit record

Collateralized Stablecoins

Koinon ecosystem manages buy and sell flows of Stablecoins to ensure liquidity and stability to remain forever at or near the issue price

Asset backed Stablecoins

Stablecoins are backed by digital assets including KOINS (Koinon), local currency in escrow or ASI held gold, platinum, or other African collateral assets

International Review and Audit

All Stablecoins have real time cloud public ledger transaction reporting and are subject to international standard audits.  No in country influence or management of Stablecoins 

Stablecoin Use Cases


Hold & leverage your KOIN and other digital assets for ASI stablecoins


Add stability to your portfolio in a bear market via Stablecoins

How do ASI Stablecoins work?

Each ASI stablecoin is backed by digital assets stored by a secure KOINON smart contract. Anyone may lock their digital assets there as collateral and issue ASI Stablecoins against it.

How do I obtain ASI Stablecoins?

start by acquiring and holding KOIN which was developed by KOINON.  KOIN will be the floating KOIN escrow part of the dual KOIN stablecoin issuance and stability mechanism

How do I obtain ASI Stablecoins?

contact the ASI team.

How do I obtain KOIN?

you can acquire KOIN from DEX buy buying KOIN with BTC, ETH, or KMD.  Otherwise please contact the ASI or KOINON teams.