Issued on Koinon Blockchain Platform

The KOINON Platform accepts KOIN as both internal currency and a governance token

Koinon Platform

lets the community issue ASI stablecoins (pegged to USD) against the collateral of liquid digital assets and KOIN

The ASI Stablecoin

is a KOIN-based cryptocurrency that leverages underlying assets to add extra liquidity to the market

The main purpose

of the Koinon Blockchain Ecosystem is to maintain price equilibrium for circulating ASI Stablecoins via KOIN

Market-based stability

On-chain logic maintains the collateralization level and balances the supply and demand for ASI Stablecoins via KOIN

Risk-free custody

The framework can’t access collateral — it’s settled directly in the smart contracts

Decentralized governance

Stablecoin currency Boards and KOINON network to govern issuance, custody, and collateral of ASI Stablecoins

The Koinon Payments Blockchain Ecosystem is the basis for asset-backed stablecoins across multiple blockchains

It’s initially built on the top of Koinon technology stack

Crypto Investment, hold, spend, payment, cross border asset flows

Stablecoin Governance Boards for fungible, stable liquidity

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