Africa Stablecoin Initiative 

Meet the team

We are an international team of financial and software engineers who are passionate about developing better, more complete crypto markets.



Matthew Mecke, Founder of Koinon and the Africa Stablecoin Initiative along with Koinon Technology Services, Inc. has more than 20 years of Digital Payment and related Transaction Gateway Experience in Asia. Having lived in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore since 1997, Matthew has built, operated, funded, and publicly listed in the US 4 card processing and ecommerce merchant acceptance businesses over the last 20 years.

He built, with others, the first 14 currency regional ecommerce processing hub out of Hong Kong in 1998, which was listed on NASDAQ. The company has since merged into several other entities. He also served as Management Executive of First Data Asia in Hong Kong, where he led strategic planning, new business development, e-commerce applications, and pricing. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of Value Exchange International, Inc. (VEII), a Hong Kong-based credit card processing and merchant-acquiring services company that he founded. VEII is publicly listed in the United States.

Matthew brings this deep knowledge of the payments industry in Asia, and his extensive network of industry contacts in the region, to the development and growth of Koinon. The emergence of a novel payment system like blockchain and cryptocurrency is the kind of opportunity he has been waiting to help develop for over 20 years.

Matthew has recently completed online courses from Harvardx as well as the MIT Sloan School of Business Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application course. 




Andre has 15 years of industrial project management experience connecting Fortune 500 companies with Asian markets. A native of Germany and a former Master Sergeant in the Germany Army, Andre is a longtime China resident and Mandarin speaker. He has founded several companies in manufacturing and supply chain, leveraging China’s massive growth in manufacturing services. His work has covered a wide range of industries, giving him deep knowledge of the China market.



Roderick has extensive web development and startup experience with over 20 years in tech. His focus is in geospatial and sensor based applications for the oil & gas, construction, agriculture and maritime industries. Roderick is founder of MapGage and has spent over 15 years living and working in South East Asia.



Anthony is a Business Management, Development and Consulting expert with over 23 years’ experience in Asia and North America. He has many years’ experience in IT, online transaction firms and information delivery services and the financial markets. He has been involved with some of Asia’s most influential multi-national, consulting and IT companies such as Dow Jones, InterCapital, Hong Kong’s China dot Com, Japan Ecommerce and Japan’s Value Commerce (a Yahoo company).

Prior to becoming involved in Blockchain and cryptocurrency, he was a commodities and trading analyst in Shanghai, China. He does business development for FusionICO to assist foreign companies to market tech projects in key Asian markets. He also deals with Hedge Funds and investment companies trading with China’s industrial and financial core, as well as identifying investment opportunities in Asia and IT-related companies in North America.



Eric is veteran corporate finance, private equity, and business development professional with over 25 years of international business experience. He was one of the pioneers of financing fintech start-ups in North America and Asia. He specialises in early stage company investments in driven, talented entrepreneurs with high growth opportunities.

He is a Co-founder, former Director and senior executive of two Africa-focussed, publicly traded energy companies. Eric has spent the past 15 years living and working in the Middle East.