Africa Stablecoin Initiative

Pan Africa and In Country Stablecoins built to expand economic and asset transfers within Africa and Internationally.

Koinon Ecosystem Stablecoins

stablecoins (pegged to currencies or assets like minerals) against the collateral of liquid digital assets

Stablecoins for Africa

Koinon ecosystem -backed stablecoins that leverage underlying assets to add extra asset transfer and liquidity to the market

The main purpose

low cost real time payments and asset transfer within Africa and to and between African stablecoin users particularly where there are existing hard currency and inflation related issues

Decentralized governance

African Stablecoin currency Boards will provide advice related to liquidity of Stablecoin asset flows with in country and Pan Africa distinguished dignitaries along with support from Global best in class Macro Cryptoeconomists

The KOINON payments blockchain is the support network for build and development of ASI Stablecoins

Stablecoins built Koinon technology stack

QR code at POS payments via Chameleon Pay Wallet

Payments and asset transfers Cloud based on at POS fast, near zero cost, and stable liquidity

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